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Pixel Art

Bouncing animations and more! Give your characters a lot of flare in a tiny package. Keep an eye out for the coveted Pixel Hell Sale for $5 50x50 pixel bounce icons!

Bring your creature to life

Needle Felting

Made with soft, cozy wool in a variety of styles - these Needle Felted dolls are the perfect way to bring your character to life. Posable, Statue, or Headshots available.

Doodling Doodles


Fun expressive doodles done for a variety of creatures and characters!


For questions or comments - please reach out via my socials or using the form below.

Please note that I am currently closed for Needle Felt quotes or ping list additions. Thank you so much for your interest!

Pixel Art

50x50 - Bounce

100x100 - Lined


Mini Bop25 x 25$4
Standard Bops50 x 50$8
Talls50 x 100$10
Large Lined100 x 100$15

Needle Felted Creations

Headshot / Chibi


Large Poseables

Jumbo Specials!


Large / Jumbo$200+

Illustration | Doodling

About Me

Lucky Akat Arts Logo

While I'm known as Akatix to most online, offline I'm Ash. A National Marketing Manager by day and artist by...well later day. Since increasing my work load my artwork has fallen away from hustle back into hobby - but I still love working on things for others!

Lucky Akat Arts Logo

I've been married to my best friend and favourite person since 2019. Wes is my biggest supporter, but always willing to call out problems and offer solutions. Pushing my artwork and confidence at every turn.

Our little herd consists of my two boys, Smudge and Dalton. and his two girls, Mocha and Polly.
We live in chaos daily <3